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As of 2016, the ACO have improved the online access to race tickets, including camping. We tried this last year and saved about £200 on fees and such like cherged by race ticket and travel websites. You can even print e-tickets, and get them immediately, if you're running late on the organisation front.

Here's the link to the ticket website for 2017 (also in English):

Race Villages is a blog and resource for motor racing fans who love to stay on or near the circuit for the duration of the race weekend, or week.

I created this site as a passionate motor sport fan and competitor, to help put all the information in one place for finding non-hotel accommodation at a race. I have stayed at events all over the UK, Europe and the USA and I know how difficult it is to get good information and advance tickets.

On this site, I'll post about things like:

  • where to find race villages at each circuit
  • which events are coming up
  • safety reports at villages
  • access to circuits from villages / transport
  • going racing in the USA
  • buyng tickets independently (not via package)
  • facilities at villages: gaming, big screens, tents, entertainment, toilets & showers
  • cycling around villages
  • where to get beer at non-circuit prices!